#79: The Long and the Short of It

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This is such an oldschool reference, but it was such a cool trick, it had to be immortalized. If you haven't already looked it up (or didn't know), here's the details:
This trick was for Mega Man 3. On the second play controller, if someone held right on the D-Pad, Mega Man would jump really high (unreferenced, but also cool, holding Up slowed the game down, and Up+A stopped just about everything in the game except for Mega Man [who moved slow], and some Bosses). While you where high-jumping, if you fell in a pit, but didn't let go of the button, you didn't die. You would, however take damage from the pit.
If, while in the pit, you lost ALL your energy, you'd be invincible (so long as you jumped back out). You wouldn't be able to use your normal gun (since that was actually tied to your main energy meter -- interesting detail), but you could use any other weapons. And, since you had no energy, you couldn't be killed.
The one other caveat was that spikes would still kill you no matter what (and if you didn't have the highjump activated and fell in a pit, you'd die then too).
I used the Snake Man level since that was where I discovered the invincibility trick for myself. I used Shadow Man Revisited, as that was normally where I died on spikes from jumping.
About the only change to this comic from the original was expanding some of the panels and adapting it all to the fixed-panel layout I started using.

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