DSWC Heroes Introduction #11: The Man Can Rock a Sock Hat

This Comic's Cast:

The Legend of Zelda series is a curious thing. The first game in the series is also one of the later entries, chronologically. Unlike the chronology of the Castlevania series, though, there is no clear indication as to where most of the games in the series take place.

This is compounded by the fact that one game in the series, Ocarina of Time, actually causes a split in the Zelda timeline. Some games after that entry occur on one side of the timeline form while other games are on the flipside.

Regardless of timeline quirks, the games all share common themes and common items. Link goes out into the world using his sword, the Master Sword, boomerangs, arrows, bombs, and various sundries, all to defat whatever evil happens to be trying to take over the land that week.

To note, one of the Links that appears in the comic is also the same Link from DSWC's sister comic, CVRPG. Those comics are noted in their commentaries.

When evil spreads across the land, and darkness rises and the monsters roam. When the creatures of the night make beautiful music, and the things that go bump in the night go bump with greater enthusiasm. When the world is in peril and is in need of a hero...

These guys are, sadly, the best the world can hope for. These are the adventures of the heroes of CVRPG. They mean well, they try hard, and occasionally they do the impossible...

They actually do something heroic.