#162: Peniszilla Go!
Okay, yeah this requires a bit of explanation.

Back in college, while I was being the lab monitor for the graphic arts computer lab, my sister (for whatever reason) decided to draw a character, on the lab's white board, called Peniszilla, and it was, as the name describes, a penis version of Godzilla.

Was a good drawing. Had a detailed Tokyo, lots of citizens running away.

Anyway, that character stuck around, occasionally popping up in jokes between here and I... and then one day I stumbled on some Rampage sprites, and this comic was born.

For the record, that is a custom sprite. He is awesome in his originality, as well as in his smooth phallicness.

I do have to wonder how (if he's like the other Rampage character) he manages to climb buildings without any arms...

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