#44: I Come From the East

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Now, one could argue that this comic creates a bit of a continuity error. Here, it appears as if Darkmoon got his adventurer name from the Bard's offhand comment (the Bard being some character from Final Fantasy, and some fan plainly would know who he is -- I don't, I just used his sprite haphazardly). There's another comic, elsewhere (I can't actually recall where, though), where Darkmoon and Raye come upon an adventurer who calls himself Xavier Darkmoon. D and Raye eat the guy, but Darkmoon comment something along the lines of "hey, I like that name."
The way I look at it, this conversation with the Bard just reminds Darkmoon of that name. The two comics don't cancel each other out.
Rando is from Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie. Go watch it and understand.

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