CVRPG Introduction #7: Character Skills

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What we are getting into is really the difference in classes. Classes are the very core of the Dungeons and Dragons (referenced as D&D from now on) experience. As a player you are tasked with first chosing your class so as to determine what your character will be and how they will be built.
To be fair, really you're first supposed to choose your race, but that doesn't have many implications on your character until after you also chosen your class and then rolled up your stats.
Oh yeah, did I mention dice come into play as well... Seriously, when trying to describe one of these games, it becomes evident that the games are needlessly complicated. It must be a geek rite-of-passage to be able to understand what it is you're doing with your Trollish Street Thug (level three, with added Charisma and a fresh lemon scent).

When evil spreads across the land, and darkness rises and the monsters roam. When the creatures of the night make beautiful music, and the things that go bump in the night go bump with greater enthusiasm. When the world is in peril and is in need of a hero...

These guys are, sadly, the best the world can hope for. These are the adventures of the heroes of CVRPG. They mean well, they try hard, and occasionally they do the impossible...

They actually do something heroic.