CVRPG Introduction #3: Resurrection Syndrome

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Dracula has a theoretical regeneration date of 100 years. It's pretty much clockwork at this point. If 100 years have passed since the last time he, on his own, rose from the grave, he will invariably rise from the grave again.
Occasionlly, if the groundhog sees its shadow, this phenomenon can be delayed by a few months.
If his followers help, however, Dracula can be brought back from the grave again and again in quick succession. All his followers need is a chance to settle in for a few minutes, light some candles, slaughter a virgin, perform a ritual, and voila: instant Dracula, easier to bring to life than a packet of sea monkeys.
This is why, when exploring a dark, demonic castle, it's always best to kill any cultists you see on sight just so that they can't bring Dracula back from the grave when your back is turned.

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