Zombie Sypha

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When he was making sprites for CVRPG way back when, Jorge had fun making one-off and two-off sprites of many of the characters from the whole Castlevania series, Sypha Belnades included. While I never had much use for Sypha in the main archive (as I tend to keep my characters pretty far away from most of the heroes of the video game series), I did find a good second life for her over in DSWC as the zombified version of her character.

As you may recall from the Castlevania series, Alucard has to fight three zombie versions of his old companions (who he fought beside back in Castlevania III). That's how we can have zombie versions of Sypha, Trevor, and Grant. I never did make a zombie version of Trevor (although I used some of the ideas I might have put into one for the Richter Clone that eventually showed up) and Jorge never made Grant sprites at all, so there was no hope there, but I was happy to get so much use out of Sypha, one way or another.


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