Maria Renard

This Comic's Cast:

This was another tough comic, if only because the first idea I had (this comic) just doesn't feel like a Maria comic -- again, it's more about Richter.
But there are two issues with doing a real Maria comic right now. For one, I don't have any sprites of Maria as an adult. Sure I could make them, but I don't currently have them, and I haven't yet had a need to make them (if I ever do a Maria-specific adventure, then I'd have to crank some out for her).
The other issue is that I just don't know her character that well yet. She hasn't appeared in many DSWC comics, and those that she has been in she's mostly acted as a sex object or as a foil for Richter or Cornell.
So, I guess, in that respect, this Cast Comic treats Maria exactly the same as she always is, and it really is, in a way, the best Maria comic that could have been done (at least currently).

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