#182: The Geezer and the Bard Part 20

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Maybe I commented on this elsewhere (I dunno why I would have, but it's possible), and this is so far off topic (vampires and breathing is the only relation to it), but I just have to vent.

So I'm watching the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer again, on the urge to watch through the series (mostly cause I read the run of Season 8 and I want to refresh all the details again). I get to the big finale episode, the one where (SPOILERS) Buffy dies for a few seconds until Xander and Angel bring her back with CPR.

In that scene, Angel and Xander come running up, out of breath, but when they have to do CPR, Angel says "you have do it. I can't. I'm a vampire. Vampires have no breath."

Let's ignore the physics of him talking (since that requires air) and look at the fact that he was just breathing when he ran up. Huffing and puffing. Later in the series (Season 2), we see a lot of the character Spike, a vampire who often times likes to smoke. How does one smoke if they "have no breath"?

There's also a scene where a vampire is knocked out when another vampire strangles them. Admittedly, they could have cut the blood flow off to the brain, and not just the air supply... except that cutting the bloodflow is basically another way to cut off the air supply. No breath, no need for air, no need for blood supply.

A simple change in the line from "we don't breath" to "vampire breath is toxic to humans" would have done the trick. It just annoys me.

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