#107: The Geezer's Tale Part 35

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When I played up to this portion of the game, I kinda cheated. I knew (from friends) that after playing through the volcano, your next task was to get the airship. The airship would make it a whole lot easier to get everywhere, since you don't have to fight random battles while on the ship. Saves time and money and MP that could be better used elsewhere.

So, once I finished off the Earth Fiend, I leveled up a bit and then ignored the quest for the Fire Fiend and went to work getting that airship. Then I went and got the character upgrades I wanted (we'll cover that in comic later).

And then I went and kicked all kinds of ass against the Fire Fiend... and still almost died. Let me tell you, I'm glad I skipped around the way I did. Could have been much, much worse.

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