#55: The Geezer's Tale Part 1

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Now, I swear, when I first started this chapter, I did not anticipate doing a full riff on the first Final Fantasy game. I was just gonna do some random retro adventure, riff a couple of quick times on FF and move on... and then I lacked for idea, and the parody just sorta got away from me.

And then I was stuck for 150+ comics doing this riff. It's over half the series. Oy. Never gonna do that again (especially since I already retold that story once, and now I never have to again).

I will say, though, I think I did a better job of covering the basics of that game and in less time than 8-Bit Theater ever did.
2016-09-06 22:38:58 
Hey now, you leave 8-bit alone. I will fight you. Also, I am really really enjoying your archives, bravo.

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