#3188: It's Offical

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So, to explain, a little while back my sister, Ambaaaargh, had a party sequence going on in her comic, DMFA, and needed to populate the scenes with some random characters. I was unaware of her plans, which made it all the better when she put Darkmoon and Sprockets into her comic. Of course, since humans (and human-like creatures, i.e., vampires) don't exist in her comic, they had to wear masks to blend in.

If you're curious, that comic is #1812: Rubbing Elbows.

Since she decided to put a couple of my characters in her comic, I elected to run with it and make the crossover official. Thus, we have the masks from that party scene show up here again for use in my plot.

I'm not sure how they managed to get over to the world of DMFA. I'm sure it was Angel's fault. Just imagine him in the background of her comics, raiding the open bar.


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